tales of zestiria alternate ending

Yes there is an alternate ending. You have four ways to achieve it. Its about timing on fighting the main boss I think. storm_coming 8 years ago #3 Well there is a small bit of spoiler... HylianZ 7 years ago #1 So... Got bored and decided to beat Heldalf before the actual end of the game... and I got an alternate ending where the rain never ended ... Anyone else seen this?... 2.7K views 6 years ago. Tales of Zestiria Walkthrough / Detonado By Elias Cunha - TropicalAngel https://twitter.com/EliasCunha7. Tales of Zestiria. 2015. Browse game. Gaming. Browse all... There is an alternate ending and it is possible to win but unlikely if it's your first time playing. The game will end right there and after you will have the opportunity to save. If you... Jun 29, 2017 ยท shtaklef Jun 29, 2017 @ 11:14pm. When can I get the alternate ending. The guides say that heldalf is in glaivend basin but if I try and enter that area I can't because there are guards blocking the entrance. There are two entrances: one in the rolance camp and one in hayland camp and both entrances are blocked by guards. There is:-.