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Need for Speed: Heat, there is a district called Fort Callahan. Clarence Callahan - better known as "Razor" - is the main antagonist of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Razor drives a black Ford Mustang GT with a unique flame vinyl at the beginning of the game. It can be driven in the demo release. Remember, you can't trust anything he says. ~ Razor's in-game bio. Clarence Callahan, also known as , is the main antagonist in Need For Speed: Most Wanted. He later reappeared as a recurring antagonist in Need For Speed: No Limits, and as an unseen minor character in Need for Speed: Unbound. Jan 24, 2013 · Gaming Browse all gaming NFS: Most Wanted (2005) - Final Race/Rival Challenge - Razor (#1) & Credits (PC Version)• Blacklist rival: Clarence Callahan a.k.a. Razor• Hails from: Beacon... Salah satu momen yang paling diingat oleh para gamer di awal NFS Most Wanted ini tentunya adalah saat dimana kamu harus kehilangan BMW kesayanganmu ke tangan pembalap dan Blacklist ##1, Razor yang mana telah menyabotase mobilmu hingga akhirnya rusak di tengah balapan. Dimana kamu harus menyerahkan mobilmu, dan memulai petualangan mengalahkan ... Razor is one of the Blacklist racers in the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance releases of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. He is first on the Blacklist and he drives a BMW M3 GTR . To challenge him, the player needs 36,400 respect points in the NDS release and 37,000 REP in the GBA release. This is a very difficult challenge, mostly because Razor's BMW (the same one he won from you at the beginning of the Career mode) is EXTREMELY fast. You will have to be very concentrated in order to score similar speeds.