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Debut Digital Single Released: October 23, 2020 1. Usseewa (うっせぇわ) Readymade 2nd Digital Single Released: December 24, 2020 1. Readymade (レディメイド) Usseewa (Giga Remix) 3rd Digital Single Released: February 5, 2021 1. Usseewa (Giga Remix) Gira Gira 4th Digital Single Released: February 14, 2021 1. Gira Gira (ギラギラ) Odo 5th Digital Single Apr 27, 2021 · Ado - 踊 (Odo) (Romanized) Lyrics: Hanpa nara K.O. fuwafuwa / Shitai nara douzo / Kaien junbi shichaou ka / Naitemo warattemo aishite ne / Hora say no teion hibikasero / (Giga) (TeddyLoid ... Ado @Ado1024 ‧ 6.22M subscribers ‧ 204 videos 元気です。 and 1 more link Subscribe Home Videos Shorts Live Releases Playlists 【Ado】唱 / Show (Jax Jones Remix) 1,259,024... Ado 6.2M subscribers 191M views 2 years ago #踊 #Ado ノヽ・/ ノヽ° 👾ナょら ⓚⓞーー💥🤟💙 🌴👽笑笑 Streaming & Download ︎ ...more ...more Suggested by UMG 【Ado】 唱 Ado - Event... universal-music .co .jp /ado /. Ado (Japanese: アド, [α] born October 24, 2002) is a Japanese singer. In 2020, at the age of 17, she made her debut with the digital single titled "Usseewa", which peaked at number 1 on Billboard Japan Hot 100, [4] Oricon Digital Singles Chart, and the Oricon Streaming Chart. [5] The Complete Ado list. 179 videos 175,264 views Updated 4 days ago. Everything has been sorted of Date and their respective Album. (like Kyougen, OP Film:RED and Utattemit. Play all.